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  1. I use Storyist for Screenwriting and documentary filmmaking. One thing that I've found to be a big part of my process is printing research as a PDF. Websites, manuscripts, images, and then highlighting or annotating specific passages. What I'd like to be able to do: 1.) Print 2.) Import a PDF and move it into research folders. 3.) If I pull up the PDF on the screen, be able to highlight important text and passages, and comment on them. What I currently have to do: 1.) Copy text from the PDF or Website 2.) Paste it into a new text file. 3.) Go through the whole article reformatting the article: this includes removing the parts I didn't want to copy like comment sections/sidebar text/photo descriptions, unifying the text colors/size/font, and then making sure paragraphs are separated in the right places. 4.) Highlight text and add comments. Doesn't seem like a big difference, but it can take 10 minutes per one article, and I'm usually dealing with tens or hundreds of sources. Is this a likely feature to be implemented or one that people have already talked about? Am I missing an easier way to do this? Does anyone know a workaround currently?
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