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  1. How about this: we can waste time by making up our own ten or twenty or thirty rules of writing. For me, writing with "rules" is an oxymoron. I'm with the oppositional team. Sherryll
  2. Thanks for the article link, Marguerite. Once I stop procrastinating, I'll look at it :-) Sherryll
  3. Marguerite--I'll figure out how to print this out and try it. You are so helpful!!!!! Sherryll
  4. Hi--thanks for your comments. Indeed, I printed out the GSG. I actually learned Ancient Greek as easily as I'm learning this (which attests to my verbal sided brain). It is the visual components--i.e., conceptualizing the program visually--that I have a problem with. Once I have learned the fundamental concept (i.e., views, projects) I'll probably need less hand-holding. Thank you. Sherryll
  5. Orren, thanks for the link to your work. I am not sufficiently experienced yet with the program to evaluate all of your screenshots as to their usefulness for what I want to do, but the third one, which shows the research occupying the entire 3rd pane is what I want to achieve. It will not surprise you to know I am writing an academic novel, and that a significant aspect of the novel is my intense rejection of the academic hierarchy. How did you get into editing? Sherryll
  6. Thanks so much for your comments. I got my Ph.D. at University of California, Irvine then taught for seventeen years at the University of Hawaii at Hilo where I was dept chair for the last five toe curling years. We left Hawai'i because of Vog--the volcanic emissions of sulfur dioxide that often make breathing there difficult, and which in my case exacerbated my asthma. I also taught last year as a visiting prof at Portland State University, which takes a factory approach to education and whose faculty are often underpaid, non-benefit earning, over worked adjuncts. Best, Sherryll
  7. Hi--I've spent some time this morning trying to make the default style of all my writing Book Antiqua. However, using the form for character development, I cannot seem to change from the default font of the form itself. Any ideas? Sherryll
  8. Hi to all--I am a retired professor (English) and am new to the software and the forum. I had a very good chat today with Steve, who has been most helpful in trying to answer my queries about Storyist. I would like very much to know if others have trouble "coordinating" the relationship between the 3 different views and the sections of the project listed on the left side of the screen? Sherryll
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