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  1. I am sorry I have been away so long. British Accountants have until 31 December to file Company Accounts and 31 January for Personal Tax Returns. What with getting my book up there and the death of a close friend in the Summer, I found that I had to really knuckle down in the Autumn to meet my responsibilities to my customers. With no PR at all I have 'just' sold 4 copies of my iBook (one in the UK, two in the US and one in Canada, so I am an Internationally renowned author!) - it illustrates that Publishing Houses DO have a role to play, but on a more positive note, I received a small payment from Apple and though the profit may be tiny, it IS a profit, and there is no reason for it not to grow, with no limit of time. I dropped by today and see that Steve has added support for the Kindle, which has only recently become available in the UK. I had a very poor experience of trying to upload to this device some months ago, but it seems both Steve and Amazon have moved on a lot since August, so I will try again after my filing deadlines are met. A key part of my book is the links to videos hosted by YouTube. I guess that this is a feature which the iPhone and iPad support, but which the Kindle does not. Also, it is apparent that one can sell books as pdfs. iWeb and eBay have moved on marvellously here - I will be exploring selling the book on eBay with html snippets embedded in my website. I am very encouraged by the whole self-publishing thing. It is of course true that sales volumes are likely to be small, but once we have mastered the technical problems there is nothing to stop us from repeatedly putting our creations out there - you have some thoughts, you publish them - some people may pay for them. If they buy, we profit, if not, there is no loss beyond our time. A VERY different option to old-style self-publishing which would involve an up-front investment in physical stock and all the promotional and distribution costs. And having Amazon, Apple etc on our side as well ! Exciting times ahead - Happy New Year to you all.
  2. It is the morning of 18 August here in England, 16 days after I uploaded, (the process is estimated to take 10 working days) and at last the little green dot appeared against "Bookkeeping Home Truths". A search of the store shows it is there. Now searching is the first issue. If you type in elements of the genre "Small Business & Entrepreneurship", my name (which appears as David Hugh Ross as there are so many other David Rosses) or elements of the title, you find the book. But NOTHING comes up under "Spreadsheets" or "Book Keeping". I wonder if this is a problem with Metadata at the iBookstore because the tags I inserted via the export from Storyist to ePub do not appear in the Metadata page on iTunes Connect. Giving copies away for review Apple seem to give no guidance on this and I have by the way received no emails from it about the whole process, which is driven within iTunes Connect - no complaint from me about this, just an observation. The Web suggests that if you publish an App you are given 50 Coupons with a 28 day expiry for distribution to reviewers. There seems to be no equivalent for iBooks, and I cannot find any previous comment on the Web. So how do I let others review my book - how do I even get a free copy for myself? I suppose I could make it downloadable from my own website and send reviewers the link but it seems that would have to be my export from Storyist, not the one from Apple because a. that copy would be tagged by Apple as purchased by me and b. I cannot see how to get it out of iTunes! That leads on to the comment that I don't think Apple has altered the file I sent it, just checked it out - on which by the way the latest Publisher User Guide give some info. Summary Today is a Big Day for me, and I will tell all my family, friends and customers. If you guys want to view the related videos, here is the launch page But I am left at the point that I am a Self Publisher, with no experienced machine behind me and lots of unanswered questions. As I said earlier in the thread, just being on the iBookstore will not make me a publishing success - people have to know about the book, and if the iBookstore's search facilities are so poor, how will it be found?
  3. We can now put our stuff Out There with few filters or restrictions. The previous models for this are the Internet itself, music and YouTube. But websites still advertise themselves on TV, and Simon Cowell still dominates the Charts (you guys in America are about to experience his X Factor). My book is about to be available, but it will only be a success if it garners attention. So professionals will still have their place in this latest "New World"
  4. Thanks for the support, Thoth iTunes Connect are telling me I should wait about 10 days for a 'quality check', which I am cool about as that was the experience David Gewirtz had. Fair enough that Apple should pay humans to look at what is going on the iBookstore. Interestingly (and it is a voyage of discovery as I go through the process) 'updates' only take a day to process. That suggests that the check is a technical one, not of content, and it is encouraging. The initial impression was that if I change a word that is a whole new publication, but now I suspect that I may be able to make alterations and corrections - I certainly hope so as that readers will be offered free updates in the way they are offered for Apps. Being in possession of an ePub file, today I thought I would try my hand at Amazon's Kindle - bad move! Isn't it the way that when one tries non-Apple technology, the difference shouts out? There are posters on David Gewirtz's threads who disparage Apple, and he complains himself about no contact numbers and an non-intuitive interface. But the Kindle stuff is a different ball game - as we all say these days. It screwed up my artwork, uploaded my file and then said I could not proceed because of the errors marked in red - nothing red on the screen. But then I looked at the preview of the file that Amazon had converted for the Kindle and I was ashamed at what I saw. I don't think I am going to bother with the Kindle or the Sony because I realise that my book would have to be re-written - they don't cope with hyperlinks and of course cannot interact with the internet. Thus comes the realisation that in my first venture as an Author, I have embraced New Technology in more than just the medium on which my text will be read. With a little shame I realise that I have not composed a text, I have composed a "text plus" - must copyright that phrase. I admit that in the final stages of authoring I created some goodies that would only be available in the downloadable Excel workbook, and that the effectiveness of the text is greatly enhanced by the videos I link to. Impure thoughts for an author? I jest, but since Apple has empowered iBooks in these ways we are inevitably seeing a merging of technologies, not just the translation of books from paper to screen. I suspect that this may be one reason why ebooks will thrive via the iPad where they have not on those worthy but grey creations from Sony and Amazon.
  5. Belay that, as I think they say in Star Trek. I changed my status to by (Author) and as I type this my package is uploading. Ooh Er, this is exciting ! I shall have to have a whisky (00:30 here in England) 00:40 and I have a big green tick Package History is still greyed out in iTunes Producer 00:50 I'm still on the warm English Beer. I can see the book in iTunes Connect marked "partial delivery" which doesn't worry me as the link above says that this means I am in a queue and should be patient - I guess someone in a different time zone will have a look see at what I am trying to get Out There. I will keep you guys posted. By the way it is only 52 days since I bought Storyist and I am not a full time writer - just a mild mannered accountant who has been preparing the book whilst watching Formula 1 on Sundays. Steve, you are a God
  6. I decided to publish and got so far only to be met by this message; ERROR ITMS-5074: "At least one Contributor must have a primary role" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage) I assume ITMS is iTunes Music Store and that MZItmspBookPackage is a reference to the file that is uploading. I have listed myself as Author and a friend as contributor but I cannot see where I can specify "primary role". Nor does Googling various combinations shed any light. I know this is beyond the scope of Storyist, but I guess that nailing these problems will help everyone - ideas anyone?
  7. You flatter me too much - how do I use the command?
  8. I am very pleased to report that my book is in the final stages of proof reading; "Book Keeping Home Truths" by David Hugh Ross. The embedding of pictures works well (thanks Steve) and there are links to a microsite which passes readers on to supporting videos on YouTube and enables them to download the illustrations in a pdf file and an Excel Workbook, both of which are password protected - the password being in the text of the book. The benefit of the microsite is that if I change the YouTube videos later, I can redirect readers, thus future-proofing the book a little. Also YouTube hosts the videos for free with the lure of a few pennies for me if they are watched enough I have passed the epubcheck standard using epubcheck1.0.5.app, for which I must give Storyist the credit. Having previously registered with the iBookstore and being in possession of 13 digit ISBN numbers, the next task is negotiating iTunes Producer. It contains the note "Help isn't available for iTunes Producer" ! It would appear that I have one shot at this process, since Apple don't seem to allow new editions to be given to readers - each change is a new publication to them. The obvious dilemma is that when you export to ePub via Storyist, you get to incorporate lots of stuff which iTunes Producer asks for all over again. Let's take Cover Art as an obvious example. You can include it in Storyist but I guess if you include it again via iTunes Producer it will be duplicated? So perhaps I should map the duplicate items and leave them out until I get to Producer? The final button in iTunes Producer is called "Deliver". I hope that when I push that scary one I will have everything in its proper place Thanks again, Steve, without Storyist this point would be months in the future for me. I have done some research before posting this, and you will find this and this of interest. This offers some comfort as it seems there is a Manage Books function available after you have uploaded. Perhaps this is where I can create discount coupons to allow Journalists free review copies? It is comforting that a package must not exceed 4 GB - mine is only 43 MB. Also interesting that after submission one should expect to wait about 2 weeks. This implies that some human beings on the Apple side review content - not unreasonable since they allow self-publishing so freely. I have downloaded David Gewirtz's "how to save jobs' and it is interesting that he has not numbered his chapters and that his Table of Contents contains the Section Headings along with the Chapter Titles. This is how I have ended up accepting that these things work.
  9. Thanks I will be patient - helpful to know it is not something I have missed
  10. I have been playing around tonight and getting to grips with outlining. I created; Section Head (Outline Level Heading 1) Chapter Title (Heading 2) Sub Heads (Heading 3) Looking at the results on the iPad, the Table of Contents lists all these items, which is cool, though it looks a bit odd having everything thrown in together. I think I can live with that. I might rethink the whole issue of Sections and Chapters and just have one long splurge of headings. But only the Heading 1 titles start a new page. Steve, is there any way I can control the behaviour of Heading Levels in regard to starting new pages? I think it may be a matter of translation from Storyist>ePub>iBookstore. I say this because the Heading 2s start a new page in Storyist but not in iBookstore (Heading 3s start a new page in neither) Am I missing something or is this some idiosyncrasy you have yet to get to grips with? Pictures are working brilliantly - thanks again for your work on this.
  11. Well, that is what I call personal service ! Thanks, I will download later Having Storyist has both accelerated and delayed my writing project. It is obvious that the production process is vastly enhanced by Storyist and the iBookStore, but being able to see for myself via iTunes how things will look to the user has fed back into the writing process. Recent drafts are an order of magnitude better and I am going to take the time to get it right. Fantastic ! Best Regards David
  12. As it is the Weekend I have had some more time to play about. Much of that time has been spent on the text - great to be able to read it on the iPad as types and dumb errors shout themselves out in that format. Also I have been attempting to bridge the language barrier - a Lever Arch File is a Binder to you guys! (thanks to your Staples web site for that one) I have learned to control spaces between paragraphs by specifying this in the Style, and have shown that coloured text does not seems to show up on the iPad. Using the Chapter Title style for all my headings creates a New Page for every one, but also makes the Table of Contents very long. That might not matter in an eBook, and perhaps the convention of numbered chapters is not so appropriate here? I am getting to grips with in-line graphics - thanks Steve for the guidance here. I see that it is important to re-size the original file before dragging it in.
  13. I agree - there was a BBC documentary about the conditions under which 'throw away' fashion is made for Primark in the UK. But this is nothing new. Early workers in all emerging industrialised nations pay the price for the establishment of the Nation's wealth. The new factor in all this is scrutiny by informed, educated consumers. It took decades in the UK for parliamentarians such as Lord Shaftesbury to push through reforms to limit working hours, improve working conditions etc. In the case of China, what chance do Western consumers have of influencing a totalitarian (I won't say Communist any more) Government? If the Nation State won't level the playing field I would say we consumers are as weak as the workers to change the forces that create this situation. I say this knowing that I could boycott products but that millions of fellow Westerners will not, so I would just be denying myself.
  14. I sat on the toilet with the iPad and a whisky - it is nearly 2am in England and I am revelling in the new technology. By the way, it is raining but don't be put off - that is why this is a Green and Pleasant Land. PLEASE visit the UK - Mr Cameron needs your dollars. I got to page 25 and realised that perhaps my fuss about the underlining of sub headings is a blind alley. Should I forget the structure of a printed book and instead regard each subject as a new chapter? The downside is that the Table of Contents will become very long - though it is scrollable in the iPad, but the upside is just that - a big long list at the front of the book of relevant subjects. Am I too hung up on a formal division of my text into understandable Chapters? I am inclined to think so. An iPad owner is likely to be internet-savvy and keen on searching for subjects (as iBooks allows). So are Chapters an outdated concept? Obviously not with printed books, but until the iPad, who took eBooks seriously? - not me. I assume that if I read this in a couple of years my concerns will seem old-fashioned. I realise that we are on the cusp of a very big leap forward in publishing technology, and that Steve has stepped up to the mark ultra-quick already. More power to your elbow, Steve
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