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  1. Hi Steve, I hope I misunderstood your last comment above. If I'm ready to publish my manuscript to Kindle, and I've written it using the format that's present when you begin a new 'Novel' project and do not change any formats options from what's there, can't I just export using .mobi and upload it directly to Amazon? I can export it to my desktop first, then upload it to Amazon, if that's preferred, but your last comment confused me as to whether or not Amazon will except that file as is for my book? Please help unconsumed me :-) And thank you for all your instruction... Nathen
  2. Is there an 'Upload to Kindle' export option? Can a finished manuscript be exported, then uploaded to Kindle without further formatting?
  3. Thank you, Marguerite & Steve, for your replies. I do have Storyist on my Mac and I will try your suggestions. My time is limited at the moment, but I will, hopefully, get to it later today. I Work three jobs, but two are by my own schedule, so I always sneek in some writing time. If I have any more problems, I will visit again. Your speedy reply and your shearing of knowledge is greatly appreciated... Thank you both very much, Joe
  4. Hi, I would. Like to know how to get a manuscript I'm working on in my iPad over to my Mac to where my main story is in development? I love writing on my iPad but when I need to get what I wrote on my manuscript, I I have to write it out, copying from my iPad to my Mac. There has got To be a better way? Cloud doesn't seam to work. Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this? Thank you, Joe
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