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  1. Steve, Sorry to bother you, but I was searching for putting in page breaks when I found these old instructions. However, it doesn't work because when I click on 'Create Style' there is only a window for create a name, a box to check (or uncheck) Apply this new style on Creation cancel and ok. No where is there a way to create a style (as I understand them) and no box for checking new page at start of paragraph unless there is another menu item for 'Create Style'. I went Format>Style>Create Style. That box gives no way to truly create a style. I like somethings about Storyist, but the simple things are never simple. For example, Project>Add to Project and next there is nothing to 'Add a new chapter' which would seem obvious within a given project if you consider that for Storyist a project is a book. Also, there is nothing in the Storyist Guide for Page Breaks. Thanks for the help. Ginny
  2. GinnyJ


    Thoth & Marguerite, That is great. I wanted a outline independent of the manuscript and that works. All the other things you mentioned I will check out over time. Again, thanks for the help. Ginny
  3. GinnyJ


    Marguerite, No. I am referring to the outline, not the section notes (never used). I tried to attach the screen shot. Sorry I haven't figure out how to import the screen shots as a thumbnail. I think some of the terminology is getting in the way of communicating a problem. Thanks for the guidance. Ginny
  4. GinnyJ


    Marguerite, You are amazing. However, when I do that my manuscript becomes notebook pages not manuscripts pages. I am not sure of the ramifications of that. I think it may be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Ginny PS I would never have found that from the instructions.
  5. GinnyJ


    Hi..I am back. Have made progress. Thanks everyone, but I have a question regarding outlines. I am working on a new project. I like to get a basic outline (I am a plotter) to help know where I am going. I might deviate some, but that isn't a big deal for me. While working on the outline, every time I start to add another chapter to the outline it adds another chapter in the project view and when I go to the manuscript text portion there are blank chapters added. In reading the manual, it indicates the "Show Outline in Project and Outline View" and text editing mode. It mentions a checkbox which is checked in the default and sounds like I need to find it an uncheck it. Any helpful hints on this preference menu. When I go to Storyist>Preferences>Text Editing I only have two options and they are Pressing Return in an empty paragraph activates style chooser and the other is Pressing Tab in an empty paragraph cycles through styles. I want my outline to be separate and not adding Chapters in my project view. I want to add chapters as I actually write them. Is this possible. Thanks. Hopefully this is a more specific question. Ginny
  6. To Everyone Who Replied, Thanks for the assistance. Marguerite, the step by step was helpful. But, Steve, I still have found no way to open a blank start up page to write on. You mentioned Pages. I went to Pages, wham bam, there is a blank document, nothing to delete, just start typing. I also went online and found several reviews for Storyist which indicated the start up was cumbersome. One reviewer stated "adding new items to the project was unnecessarily complicated." Everyone raves about all the features, but the steep learning curve issue pop up quite a few time. I mention this because if the program didn't have a specific style I wanted (my own peculiarities) I wouldn't be fighting so hard to understand it. I would go to something else. It also made me think it wasn't only me. Just something to consider. Also, I will keep all the suggestions from everyone. Navigating is still difficult. There is not always a blue bar and things pop all over the place without sense to me. Does anyone actually move panes around or do most people set up a layout, as someone suggested, the word processing/text portion in the center and the far right pane for outline and index cards. (Maybe a way to lock the layout is needed.) Thanks again. PS Steve, is there a reason the PDF Manual doesn't have a table of contents if the online and printed versions do? Also, you might want to have someone who has never used the software begin using it from scratch and watch, and have them follow the Getting Started Instructions. It isn't that straight forward for most people. When people do things constantly, everyday, they see it differently. You may not see things the same way as the new user. (For example, try to teach double digit subtraction to a six year or teach a senior citizen online banking. I have done both. What seems simple and straight forward to you, is overwhelmingly complicated to that other person. Sorry for the long post. Good luck and thanks for your time and energy, everyone. Ginny
  7. I did exactly what you said Orren and this is what I get /Users/GinnyJ/Desktop/Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 7.25.17 PM.png Again, I document (text file) with folders labeled chapters and scenes inside and each chapter is a separate folder with individual text files (scenes) in them with instructions written in them. Same thing i get when I choose the non blank version. Is there a way to get a simple, blank text file to open for a chapter followed by another text file chapter all linked together to maintain numbering.The Project should be a folder contain all the text files for a novel where they are scenes or chapters. Again a folder holds other doc (whether spreadsheet, database, text or images). I did exactly what you indicated and I get Steve 'project' folder with for his overview. I have a printed copy of the PDF manual. I don't need all the bells and whistle now. Storyist provide a simple view with true WYSIWYG....page layout with headers/footers. Does any know have to get blank text file/manuscript page. Manuscript again loads a bunch of stuff that isn't how I work. Sorry, my frustration is rising. Today loaded trial of Scrivener (can't see and control headers and footers /only see at the compile stage. Jer's Novel Writer - but no page layout view - only continuous scrolling. Does anyone understand what I am asking? Ginny
  8. I am back and truly appreciate the replies. But in trying to replicate anything, I am getting no where. I have been on Macs since the original LC. I expect certain things. First applications, folders, doc (be they spreadsheet, database or text files) to behave a certain way. A diamond or arrow indicates a folder where things are stored. Docs should not have them. When I select a specific kind of document (novel) I shouldn't than see a read me type document which I have to delete. Try this with your own application. Click on the application to open it. Storyist opens. Choose novel template and than option blank and novel is there. I will choose the blank one as I do not want to delete the Intro info (Steve, please remove and put in a Read Me file or into instructions). Highlight the blank one and click choose. I know have three empty folders under Project, see attached. If I click under the picture of briefcase (Project) > Novel Manuscript I am back to Steve Introduction with docs with Chapter 1 and Chapter nested under them with docs inside them. If I go under Projects in the menu bar, Add to Doc I get Text file (which adds a Untitled Note) or Group (which adds an empty folder). Does anyone understand the difference between folders and documents. Also, nothing explains how the buttons for Plot, Characters, Settings bring up the corkboard. I read another post 'confused'. Makes me feel better. This program does not behave like a standard Mac program. I truly want to understand. But instead of writing I am here trying to get some answers. Both the responders seem to make suggestion but I can't make them work. Someone mentions Chapter Title Style, couldn't locate. Styles to me are a set format, fonts, page layout, etc. What is Manuscript for this program? Shouldn't that be a new document? I am not a programmer, but I use computers all day at work (windows based) and come home to my Mac. I am not expecting to know the ins and outs, but a simple way to start. If the learning curve is too steep I may have to try a different program. The people on the forum seem extremely nice, but the software behaves counterintuitive to all other programs I have used. Can someone dummy this down? If Steve pops in, features sound great but execution is wonky. Maybe if I had started at the first version, I would get it. The reason I like Macs is simplicity of use. I like click and drag; knowing copy, paste, delete are the same. If something as an arrow than it is a folder which you click and there is either a document or a another folder inside. I am just giving this a shot. Maybe I need a program that is more Mac-like. For any assistance for the group, thanks. Maybe someone who has used it only a short time will understand. I just don't get how this works and I mean simply starting a new doc without deleting something else. Ginny
  9. I have been using Storyist to finish a novel most which was imported. I did not use outlining, corkboard or other sections because I had all that information typed elsewhere. Whenever I tried to use these features or navigate through Storyist I found it incomprehensible. I am starting a new project and thought I would try again. But it is no better now. Here are my issues. 1) Novels should be numbered 1 - whatever, not chapter by chapter. Why wouldn't novel writing software provide continuous page numbering linking chapters? 2) I write chapters not scenes but I can not just add a document that is a chapter. I get a folder with multiple collapsing documents. I want one document per chapter and a project folder with all the chapters linked for numbering and printing. 3) Navigating is difficult and not easy to understand. The system is so "flexible" as to be inconsistent and causes popping to areas you neither want or need. 4) I wanted to keep notes on Index cards, but what I wrote on them just disappeared and can not be found. I printed the PDF of the instruction manual, but there is no table of contents and I do not find instructions clear in many instances. I read a comment about a link button, but I have no idea what it is. I choose Storyist because I liked the manuscript formatting, view typed documents as wysiwyg (not just endless scrolling text) and the ability to take the manuscript to e pub format. What am I missing? If I can't resolve the navigating issues, I can't see using the program except as a compiler for e pub files. Any thoughts?
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