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  1. Thank you Marguerite (and all who are replying to my post). Might you know the exact process? I know how to create the link but to what is it linked? The dialog appears to expect that something has already been created and whatever that is should appear in the list and that item is what I should select. But how does something populate that list? Thanks very much for your assistance. Barry
  2. I've been playing with Storyist as a means to take an existing Word document and alter it accordingly so I may export as an ePub which Apple may then publish on iBooks with their DRM so it may be sold at the iBooks store. This book currently has footnotes which I know are not part of the ePub standard format. This is a work of non-fiction so including the references is critical. The way I understand it, I seem to have three options: 1. Include what were the footnotes (in the Word document) as inline references with optional live links to the source material if available online. In other words, when footnote 1 would appear as a "1" in the Word document, I'd actually include the text of that footnote right in the body of the document as, optionally, a live link. (Let me know if this isn't clear.) 2. Include sequential numbers (not sure if Storyist's export to ePub retains superscript) at the same locations where the original Word document has the footnote numbers and, at the end of the chapter or end of the book, include a page(s) with those numbers and the references. In other words: This would be a "reference page(s)". I'm thinking it might be better to have the entire thing at the end of the book for the sake of the book's continuity from chapter to chapter. 3. Same as #2 but make the numbers for the references (that appear at the proper locations within the body copy) live links to the reference pages at the end of the book. A tap on the "endnote link" (the blue number) would bring you to the page with the reference and a tap on that reference number would then bring you back to the chapter and page from where you came. The actual reference could probably be a live link. The weakness I see with this solution is that the reader (person, not app) would have to remember the exact number of the "endnote link" so he/she wouldn't accidentally tap the wrong link and return to the wrong page of the book. I would appreciate any advice how to accomplish this. This is a history book so references are essential in some manner. Thanks very much. Barry
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