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  1. I promise I searched and read the help/readme files! It's funny how little things pop up a long time after I use a program. Can I set it up so that I get word counts for individual chapters, or even sections? Right now I get word counts for the Manuscript only, which is mostly okay, but being able to break it down further would be great. **edit** I can actually do this by Section, but just right-clicking (or cmd click for one button mouse users) in a Section and telling it to Select Section. I can also just highlight an entire chapter to see it's word count. if I can just figure out how to select an entire chapter at once, I'll be 95% happy ideally I'd like to be able to click Manuscript and get it's word count, a Chapter and get it's count, and a section to get it's count. Maybe I should make that a FR if there isn't a way already?
  2. I'm a little late to this party, but in case anyone else is ever looking for information... I use a 32GB Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache for all my portable needs, and it's ludicrously fast. Iirc, it was the fastest USB 2.0 flash drive available for awhile, and it's one of few flash drives I can run FireFox from due to it's impressive random read/write of small blocks speed. It's essentially an SSD with a USB connector on it =) It was also $73 from superbiiz o.O (cheaper than Amazon or NewEgg.... but... yeah, it's still expensive by flash drive standards lol. FWIW I just ran Storyist from it, and it was great, but I can't comment on the license codes as I was using it on the Power Mac I always use Storyist on.
  3. Personally I use an iPad 2 and a Mac Pro, and DropBox. It's just a LOT easier than trying to copy/paste from Pages or something like that. I've been there with Auteureist and Scrivener. It's doable, but using a program on both devices that opens one file is a lot easier to deal with, in my experience Maybe just get Storyist for iPad while travelling, and wait to get it for Mac when you return?
  4. Thanks, though about things being mashed up, maybe I wasn't entirely clear. It was happening when I was dragging scenes around within the Manuscript, so maybe that's a bug report waiting to happen. The Section Separators just disappeared on me, I assumed it was something I was doing, like "add this scene TO this scene." It looks like a workable enough work around for the time being, though. I'd been copy/pasting them somewhere else entirely, didn't even think to try a whole other Manuscript o.O
  5. Right now, if I decide I have Scenes I don't want to use, I'm in trouble. I can't move them outside the Manuscript, and setting up a specially named "Chapter" to keep them organized/sequestered away usually ends up in everything getting (or not getting at times) mashed into one scene, when I started with several. It's very frustrating, and the only thing I really miss about Scrivener is how you can move anything anywhere. This is the first time I've tried to do something like this in Storyist, maybe I'm just missing something or doing something wrong. But being able to move unused scenes, that I'd like to use later, into say, the Notebook or something would be really, really great.
  6. I should have been paying more attention to the forum! Great news indeed! And PM sent :-D
  7. That actually sounds pretty interesting. I have a pretty good "mental thesaurus" and it's almost ingrained in my brain to be cognizant of what I'm typing and how many times I've typed it, but from time to time I do get stuck/forget. Knowing I could just type in something anyway and be able to quickly go back and change/fix it would be wonderful.
  8. I got bored. MSPaint was handy. So I found a screenshot of Notebooks and pasted a landscape keyboard and Storyist's base UI on top of it Really, though, I want to do a mockup that shows the UI with the manuscript and say, index cards, and then the left toolbar/sidebar is accessed to pop up via a button. There's no real need to see it all the time, imo. Of course this is all just for fun, no idea what Steve has in mind. As long as it looked/felt familiar and right, I'd go with it
  9. Lol hooray! I have yet to determine if i want to try and return this Apple case or not. It seems pretty cheap, though I love the convenience of having a built-in stand. But anyway, I noticed the dev of Auteureist posted on his posterous that he'll be selling a separate iPad appnfor $20. I'd pay at least that for a good Storyist app :-D. Assuming Steve can even find the time for iOS >.>
  10. Jer's Novel Writer allows something like this and I loved it. You just type their name right in your section text, and then high light and right click, make as character, and now in your notes slide out drawer you have them added to character. Then type in stuff about them, highlight it and right click to add that text to the character (and you can do this for anything). It was pretty nice.
  11. =/ I never even got to actually POST anything. All those must have been from when it kept telling me there was an error and it couldn't find it. Thanks invisionzone. [Edit: I removed the duplicate posts. -Steve]
  12. FFS I can't edit the post above, it keeps throwing an error saying it can't find it. I have it like this: Book Title .........Chapters .................Chapter One ..............................Scene 1 ..............................Scene 2 .........Characters .................Character A .................Character B .........Notebook .................Notebook Entry A .................Notebook Entry B .........Plot You get the idea. The bold words are "books" in Notebooks parlance (folders), the rest are "notes" (and they are stored on MobileMe as folders and txt files, respectively). Considering I carry around about 6lbs of stuff less than I used to, I'm enoying the convenience of using the iPad. I'll give myself a month or so to see, and may wind up getting an iMac or Mac Mini or something as my next desktop computer instead of the 15" Macbook Pro I've been eyeing (which adds a pound over my 13.3"). I used to think the 3lb difference between the iPad and Macbook 13.3" aluminum was not much at all, but I want to replace my backpack with a smaller iPad-friendly one, not to mention the power supply and external drive I carry around for the MacBook. It certainly beats writing on my iPhone or Sharp Zaurus, though the iPhone is a bit easier to sneak out at work **edited to undo the cluster of crap bestowed by the board's copy all command when it hosed the post the first time** As for switching between the two, it's not idea, but it does work. But if I ever do a lot of edits to some sections and add new stuff, etc and don't keep notes as to what all I did, it could be quite cumbersome =/ I'd much rather be able to type away on my iPad and either: 1. edit the Storyist file as-is and store it on DropBox like I do now on the MacBook. or 2. the changes are sync'd over Bonjour as soon as I'm in wifi range of my apartment/Mac.
  13. KrisM


    I approached the book with caution (as I tend to with most of the ...For Dummies books), but a lot of the books the authors cite for further reading even showed up in this thread, so I felt pretty comfortable with the purchase (albeit after the fact lol).
  14. Thanks. Oh yeah, I forget about the possibility of a keyboard a lot so I didn't think to mention it. I haven't purchased the external keyboard, this is just using the the iPad in landscape with the Apple case propping it up. I've been testing lately and shocked myself that I could type on a touch screen keyboard without looking at it. Although I often do the same thing on my iPhone with my thumbs so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. It just seems like one shouldn't be able to. I don't have fat fingers, that's for sure. Not really slender, either, but I suppose playing guitar has made them quite nimble and they don't need to be chaperoned with my eyes, either, LOL. I saw ai writer, and from it's description it seems like another of the growing number of "simple writing" apps. And those are fine, some people just want words and text. But how many do we need lol? How simple can such an app get? I need to stay organized, and I'm looking to downsize the gear I lug around everywhere. I was planning on a 15" MacBook Pro, but when it comes down to it, if I can go with an iPad and an iMac or something at home, I'll be a happy guy. For now, Notebooks and MobileMe work for me, though it's definitely not ideal. But I do have a book hierarchy built out that follow's Storyist's sidebar conventions (Character, Plot, Chapters/Scenes, etc).
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