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  1. storyist closed. don't know why. whole manuscript gone. yes, the file is there, but empty. retrieval suggestions? UPDATE. This is for those of you who use the Restore function of iOS to get back a file from iTunes's backupnfile. This is apparently a full restore of e erything, including the apps list as of that backup date, but I found Apple's. Heavier quite inconsistent in ways that can cost you. The good part is that a long slow Restore from Backup will indeed put your lost file back. But everything from any program is lost because, this does make sense, it wasn't in the backup file. so before you do this, make sure there's nothing in another program—sent/received mail, e.g., drafts. In other WPs—that you want to email to another machine. Now here's the tricky part. I saw my lovely lost file, I quickly made a PDF of it for double backup, and then left the iPad plugged into the desktop while I went off to my lPtop to finish an email to Steve. While I was gone, iTunes decided tomsync machines and remove all apps that weren't there as of ancertain date it may as well have pulled out of a hat. Includingmthemrecently purchased Storyist. Which removed its files. Gone again, onlynthismtime really gone, because iOS keeps only ONE backup file. Why would iOS, which normally queries you carefully about removing apps, so rudely take the initiative? You tell me. apple won't. Grand Moralnof the experience? Any time you finish a hot chapter, email itnelsewhere even if it's 3 in the morning and you go to work at 6.
  2. Julia, why don't you command-A a webpage (select all & copy) or other source and paste it into a notebook page? I tend to do that, then reduce the fontsize with another command-A. My Storyist notebook is fat with background pieces I don't want to have to load or find again in the world of fugitive webpages.
  3. Consider the useful ability to layer a list of incoming emails on the left of the read/reply screen: you call it up when you want it, you hide it when you don't. If you really need to see it while you're writing, I suppose you could leave it there. But, mostly, I read my other windows, and then get back to writing (since i can remember nothing that's not in front of me, I'm looking at just which year it was that a T'ang dynasty poet was banished from the court-- you don't really blame me for forgetting that, do you?). So, though I might have my archive copy carefully on the desktop for multiple backup land and for major in the house writing, I'm going to be out at 4000 feet, sprawled on boulders, wind in my hair, writing away on my ipad. Look again at the Phill Schiller portion of the iPad presentation, the part where he's using Pages on the iPad. Cool. It does come down to this: lots of battery power, beautiful screen, beautiful programs, lovely writing environment. We could selectively transfer bits of the notebook, say, while having the various sheets with us. My notebook is fat with facts and pics I've stuffed there with my infinite (ha!) HD capacity on the desktop. But the sheets take negligible space. Calling them up even from a popup window is enough access for me. Why should Steve have any leisure time at all? Why should he have time to have a drink and watch a movie? Doesn't he want to be coding 24/7 on top of what he's already doing? Kidding, of course, but I think writers are one group that will have serious passions about iPad and not care what it costs. We are, after all, impractical, impulsive, self-indulgent, and, above all, American consumers.
  4. Well, um, like, duh. I would like a Storyist brain implant; so, Steve, how about it? Imagine the difficulties that would solve. I have been assuming that the economics of developing for Apple's app store did not bode well for something as intricate as Storyist migrating there. I thought there might be somebody out there using these guys already, which I just discovered tonight, to give some guidance on whether they were better than sketching work on a notepad app and wrestling it into Storyist that way. But, come to think of it, do you know what is really amazing about these things? There are people out there writing novels and screenplays on the iPhone platform. What happens to their thumbs on page 235? How do they remember what they're going to say while they're waiting for their blurried racing thumbs to catch up with their lightning-fast inspiration? I mean, once you've slit open the chicken for the muses, you gotta type fast while the little voices are going off in your bicameral mind, right? So here I am, waiting around for the Deus ex iPadica. (It's just possible I'm poorly remembering my Latin. O, wait, I never took Latin.)
  5. Do any of you use Black Mana's two iPhone/iPod (and eventually iPad, I take it) apps, Manuscript & Screenplay? Manuscript makes prose and will store @ Google Docs; Screenplay reads/writes FCP 8. Which means, one could RTF in/out of Storyist to Google Docs, then down to iPhone, and have a portable Storyist (and screenplay writers could in/out FCP from iPhone to Storyist). If the translations didn't get too wonky, could be a sweet set-up if you're on the go but sometimes are inspired to write a scene or section or whatever. Reviews look good, board discussions show flaws getting fixed, new versions @ app store seem to make everything smooth. Anybody use these? If they're as good as they seem, could be a whoa Nellie! moment shaping up here. Especially on my new (it's not here yet) iPad that looks like THE portable i've tried to buy several times already, only to discover it hasn't passed the Jobs test. (insert endless, and endless tiresome, encomiums here) Anybody? Anybody at all? Bueller?
  6. For those of you who really, really hate to lose your work, today only for $8.95 you can get a remarkable program called "Forever Save" at Macupdate. The program is configurable -- you add each program you want it to tail -- and it saves versions all along the way. From a menu icon you can view your backups. Why would you want this program when Storyist autosaves backups? Well, my system managed to confuse Storyist, possibly by pulling a file from my other computer over wireless, and for whatever reasons all the saves and autosaves I thought were happening weren't. Foreversave would have saved ITS files in addition. Hey, I bought it. Reviews are positive. Sorry if this seems like a spam: I'm not affiliated with the programmer and don't get a cut. Too bad about the last. Just thought the obsessives among us would like to know...
  7. Version 2 takes us to a new plateau in writing software. Storyist understands the sweet spot between, on the one hand, programs that turn you loose with all that snowy white expanse of emptiness, feeling a bit like a Jack London character trying to get a fire going before you freeze to death, and, on the other hand, those that are like a mad terrier yipping and snapping at your ankles with forms to fill out and questions to answer and timelines to fuss with and on and on. We're not naming names here (we don't have to; we just wrote one of the longest sentences ever to appear in the Storyist forums, and with more commas than the average bear would twit into his/her prose). The PDF guide is also a remarkable piece of documentation. A PTSS victim of programmer-written docs, I take great pleasure in reading something that makes sense on every page and teaches me things I ought to have already known from using the program for a while. Clarity about all these interrelations? You oughta see my cheat sheet taken down in SideNote as I read along... I refuse to confess how many writing programs I have bought and put on my aching hard drive, but the one I write stories in is Storyist. What was cool and useful in 1.5 is slick, fast, and ultra-functional here and supplemented by some amazing new treasures.. Sometimes I am a purely verbal thinker, and the ability to see no nonsense forms and a wide expanse of my gorgeous prose is all I need to clack away. Other days, mildly deranged, my visual imagination hungers for Collage view that has all the benefits of mind mapping without all the fussy little particulars of arrows and sticky points and collapsing branches and bizarre imposed layouts. Guess who has views for both verbal and visual days one little mousing away? Pure joy, that whole Views thing. And may I say how startling it is to see the idiocy of my caffeine-driven streaks of 4k words in outline form? Fix, fix, fix; and the fullscreen escape from email and MyDay alerts is a great relief. And then there are these strange people who write thousands of words in these forums every day, and have the audacity to ask programmer guru Steve if he ever sleeps (which question, I note, he politely dodged). What a community! Wish we had a library of people's fiction to check out... Thanks, Steve: you've got us all writing madly now...
  8. Greetings. I'm liking this software a good deal. It has the most useful features of its competitors, and has, thankfully, not copied their ugliness. Which is more important to me than it should be. I've noticed some behaviors I find puzzling and assume I'm doing something odd. Working on iMac with 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 10.5.2, I noticed that the highlighted page I'm currently on (in the Project Pane) does not update when I change pages. Secondly, I'm doing something wrong with the invaluable Wiki linking, because when I try to make a link to an existing Story Element, it makes a new Notebook page (and will, in fact, make a new Notebook page even if I already have a Notebook page with that very title). So it seems it's not "hearing" my titles except as strangeness, which I can only hope is not a comment upon the quality of my writing. Does anybody recognize what weirdness I'm committing? Thanks.... What an interesting bunch writes in these forums!
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