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  1. One way to find out! My previous life as an Apple tech may yet come in handy...I'll report back what I find out. Christian
  2. Hey all So I am writing my first novel. I am nearly 200 pages in, and desperately in need of organization My idea of a writing document, and a cheat sheet one, isn't working out. Currently using Pages, but am getting tired of undoing all the "helpful" things Pages does. Here are my questions before I hit the buy button... 1. I need an easy system for beta readers to use. iCloud isn't it. They need to be able to leave notes. Google Docs looks like a good idea, but is there another option? 2. How easy is it, and this is a "in general" question to export a Storyist document to a publisher. I think thats about it. Looks like a good community here. Christian
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