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Found 1 result

  1. New to storyist and frankly writing. I'm an engineer with two books and one sequel in my head that have been bothering me, trying to get out. I finally gave in and am going to give a shot to writing them. One is a thriller and other is kind of a light hearted historical journey. We'll find out if I am funny enough to pull off the second one. Anyway, I'm accustomed to supporting my contentions (writing science papers will do that to you) and both of the books I want to write are science and history related! So I want to give the reader some way to "check my work". If you have ever read a Micheal Chricton book you will know what I mean. Whatever you think about his writing or his claims in his books, I liked the method by which the book seemed more solid by having references. I only have the iPad version of storyist (you are awesome for making that step! It is why I went with storyist) so maybe I am missing something, but is there a way to get automatically numbered (and super scripted) footnotes or chapter references? It seems like a major feature and I don't really see much about it covered in these forums.
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