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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Storyist Forums, I'm writing screenplays using fountain syntax. However, I can't figure out how to get Storyist's fountain exporter NOT to add extra returns in-between single-spaced lines of text. Has anyone figured this out? I'm writing in a Storyist Text File and decreasing the After Paragraph spacing from 10 to 0. However, the fountain exporter exports: JOHN (into phone) I'm on my way. as: JOHN (into phone) I'm on my way. And thus it breaks the fountain syntax and cannot be rendered in screenplay format without fixing this in the exported file first. This is the same for any instance of a manual, single-spaced return, such as indented action text: Room 492 Calzone Exports as: Room 492 Calzone Any fixes for this behavior? I realized that I can simply use Storyist's text file exporter as an alternative, and that eliminates these issues completely. The text exporter exports exactly what's on the page without adding any extra returns. But I'm curious why it's fountain exporter doesn't export exactly what's on the page, and if there's a way to fix it. Thanks!
  2. How can I export my story to a single RTF to include both the title page and manuscript pages? Thanks
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