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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone used DenVog's Index Card (for iPhone or for iPad)? I've heard that Index Card projects can be imported into Scrivener, and I wondered whether or not the same is true of storyist. I have no knowledge of the file formats involved. Just curious. -- Candace
  2. I'm using Storyist 3.0 and I have been writing in Storyist day by day for quite a while but have never really got into using index card and cork board view. I do like to work from an outline. I can do this fine in outline view. 1. Cork board view and using index cards seems ... less intuitive, to me anyway. I can only see one card, even if the outline view has several main points. 2. Additionally, I can't find a way to add a card. Add a comment, yes, but not add a card. Apologies for asking basic questions but I have read the guide and tried various things and it isn't working for me.
  3. One of my favourite features about Storyist is how the information in the index card is independent from the manuscript body, so I can write notes that do not appear in the novel. But there will be a rare time or so in which I would like to copy all the information in the index cards into the manuscript body word for word. Is there a function or a short cut that can do this? Thank you.
  4. Hi, when I outline in index card mode, I create chapters and sections so they display clearly in a tree hierarchy fashion with the relevant information on screen. But there will be times where I would like to amend a particular section and bump it up in the hierachy as a chapter instead. In Word, it's as simple as highlighting the first line in the section and changing the style to "Heading " and the hierarchy will be revised automatically. But I can't seem to find that function in Storyist. To achieve the same thing, I have to create a new chapter, manually cutting and pasting the index card information captured in the section into the chapter before deleting the unwanted section. Is there a shorter way to achieve this, similar to Word's? Thank you.
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