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Found 3 results

  1. Hello ! First of all, I'm very happy by Storyist on ipad and I'm using it every day. However, I would like to propose a small improvement : The section label is really convenient but it cannot be used to navigate in the document (ie : when select a section, move the cursor at the beginning or the section). For a big file (a 60000 word novel for example) it could be really convenient. Thank you in advance. Best regards Olivier (France).
  2. Whenever I add a new index card a pound symbols appears in my screenplay. I assumed that it's some sort of auto formatting but when I export or print the symbol still remains. Could somebody tell me what these are for? Thanks.
  3. I've been looking for a way to create my novel and have Parts and Scenes without having to use the # symbol. This might work for some and I believe its going to work for me. Have a look. Hope it helps some of you. Thanks! GarrickNovel Template With Parts:Scenes.story
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