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Found 1 result

  1. Here is a suggestion for the multitude of timeline requests I see on here. What you want (I think) is a Gantt chart. There are many programs for both Mac and iPad that will let you put together a gantt chart (timeline). With a gantt chart, you can create tasks (things that happen in the story), with characters and places (resources) and give them start and end dates. You can even link tasks by (dependencies). For example, you could have a task of "breaking crown" with a resource of "jack". Then you could define other tasks that are predecessors, for example "falling down" (jack as resource) and "go up the hill" (jack and Jill as resources). Some planning software lets you view the gant chart as a pert diagram which may work better for you. I looked at a couple of iPad apps and ended up with one called inShort, for 6 dollars. I looked at two free ones, but they both had bugs I couldn't see me dealing with. Of course if you already have something like Microsoft project, that could work. Just an idea
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