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Found 3 results

  1. I exported my manuscript into ePub format and naturally it came back with a warning. After looking all over the Internet for help, I think I've figured out where the issue lies. Since I'm not at all knowledgeable in HTML or CSS or any other techy stuff, I'm wondering if I did something in the manuscript that needs to be corrected rather than trying to tinker with the HTML. From what I've gleaned in my research, the id in the ncx (which is what??) doesn't match with opf id. Of course, there may be something else awry, but since I don't read HTML (seriously thinking I need a class in this stuff!!), I don't know. Here's the end of the warning message: toc.ncx: meta@dtb:uid content 'D14C1315-B91B-4863-93C9-759749D4144D' should conform to unique-identifier in content.opf: 'urn:uuid:D14C1315-B91B-4863-93C9-759749D4144D' Any suggestions as to how to avoid this issue since I have several project lined up for ePub formatting, would be greatly appreciated! thanks, ginger
  2. Hi all, I'm new and I just had a quick and hopefully simple question. (I'm not even sure whether I'm posting in the right place.) I've noticed that when I export to Word or Pages, the emphasis I use - usually underline - translates fine into those programs. But when I export to ePub, there's nothing - no underline, no italics, just plain text like the text around it. Is there something I'm missing? I'd really like to be able to do this, so Storyist could be my one-stop shop for all my writing.
  3. I'm a relative newcomer to Storyist and have spent the past several weeks getting acquainted with publishing via ePub. As a forever Mac user I have a basic knowledge of Word b/c my publishers wanted everything in Word, but most of my projects are in Pages. I was learning Storyist for my story writing and then discovered I can use it to convert my projects into ePub and Mobi. This was an exciting discovery b/c I have been taking online classes for self-publishing and since I'm a control freak I didn't want to go the Smashwords route. I'm having pretty good luck with my first project (still can't figure out how to get that darn cover at the front of my iBook draft!) but there's one important thing I can't figure out–how to make hyperlinks active in an ePub (and Mobi when I get that far!!) i've searched the forums and watched the ePub video but I can't find any mention of how or when to enter the necessary information that will make your hyperlinks in the manuscript go live in the ePub. As a Pages person, it either does it automatically or you just go into the Inspector and enable it manually. I have no idea how to replicate this when exporting from Storyist into ePub. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks, gingerh
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