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Found 9 results

  1. HI, When I export to Word or as an rtf file, each text file becomes a different document. Is there a way to have the entire manuscript export all together as a single document? Thanks--
  2. I recently installed kindlegen (Mac OS) v. 2.9 on my Mac (10.11.3). When I try to export my document into mobi format I get this error. Anyone know what's wrong? This is the first time I've tried to do this in Storyist (ePubs work fine). I was able to go to the directory where I unzipped kindlegen and run the command from Terminal successfully. So what is Storyist's problem? The kindlegen file is clearly a valid executable. Thank you! Untitled2.tiff Untitled.tiff
  3. So I have my script and a title page. Now I want to export them together as a PDF so I can send it to people. Everyone expects a PDF document. How do I do this?
  4. I'm pretty new to Storyist, but unfortunately one of the very first things I noticed was its lack of PDF support. I'd love to be able to view PDFs natively inside of Storyist, as well as have the ability to export my manuscript to PDF once I've finished writing something. This is - to me - the most critical feature that is currently missing. -------- Justifications: Import: I do a lot of pre-writing and research using various other applications. I don't expect them all to play together nicely, so I've gotten in the habit of saving all of my research, character lists, background and designs, etc. as PDFs and simply importing them into my old workflow (Scrivener). They would all sit in my research folder on the sidebar, and then when I needed to reference something about my character I could pull up the PDF I'd created that had photos of style/outfits, background, and flow charts all in one document on my sidebar. Export: PDF is possibly the only document standard that literally anyone, anywhere in the world can open on any device. DOC/X used to have serious problems on iOS. PAGES is worse since it can't be opened on Windows. TXT loses the style, and others need specific apps. Even if you do manage to get it open, sometimes formatting is skewed. PDF opens on every OS - from mobile to desktops, Mac to Linux, and everything in between -- if for some reason your machine isn't able to by default, it's free to download a PDF viewer. It keeps all formatting between these systems without loss. If it were unintentionally edited or corrupted while emailing, etc. it doesn't matter and can't harm your original copy because it's a read only image file. (OS X can "Print to PDF" by default, and its a decent workaround for the time being, but it lacks the options of choosing what gets included that you get in export options.) Additionally, if you have Acrobat (which is incredibly cheap from Adobe Cloud now, unlike it used to be ) doing commenting and editing on a file using Acrobat is super fun and easy, and has the added benefits of 1) making it impossible to inadvertently leave a tracked change or comment in the document, and 2) forces you to go back into your own story to determine if the change is truly the best thing, or even if it needs to be more extensive, rather than simply hitting "accept". I started sending out PDFs by default years ago because of their ease of use. -------- So yes. Thanks for the awesome software, can has PDFS to make awesomer? (Post Script: When I originally emailed support about this, it was suggested that I bump this thread. There are a number of people in that thread requesting PDF support, but I decided to create a new thread because PDF export was not mentioned there, and I didn't want that request to get lost among the other comments. So please count their voices here as well!)
  5. I am trying to export a text file but it is not in the export list when I use the command. There is no reference to this issue in guidelines help. Perhaps I created the file in a different project than the default (or original) project that is appearing in the export list, but can't figure out where that came from either. Thanks. I am using current versions of Storyist and Capitan on a new MacBook.
  6. Hi, I am tempting to convert myself over from Scrivener because of their lack of iOS support. My questions pertains to the OSX application. Is there a way to compile and export the draft (or sections of the draft) directly into PDF form? As a screenwriter I need to send off pdfs of treatments, outlines, and scripts from time to time. Converting to PDF seems like a simple feature and I'm having a hard time understanding why Storyist wouldn't be able to compile and export into PDF. Perhaps I'm missing something? I thought I might just export the sections I needed into MS Word and then save the pdf from there (annoying extra step but not a deal breaker) but the compile feature exports the separate sections into separate files (such as Title Page, etc) (annoying and kind of a deal breaker) I've searched the forums and videos but found no answer. Anyone have a suggestion I've missed? Also. Is there a simple way to do page breaks? Hoping to convert. Help is appreciated!
  7. FadeIn is a great cheap alternative to Final Draft in my opinion. I'd love to be able to open my .fade files in storyist and even export as those files.
  8. I exported my manuscript into ePub format and naturally it came back with a warning. After looking all over the Internet for help, I think I've figured out where the issue lies. Since I'm not at all knowledgeable in HTML or CSS or any other techy stuff, I'm wondering if I did something in the manuscript that needs to be corrected rather than trying to tinker with the HTML. From what I've gleaned in my research, the id in the ncx (which is what??) doesn't match with opf id. Of course, there may be something else awry, but since I don't read HTML (seriously thinking I need a class in this stuff!!), I don't know. Here's the end of the warning message: toc.ncx: meta@dtb:uid content 'D14C1315-B91B-4863-93C9-759749D4144D' should conform to unique-identifier in content.opf: 'urn:uuid:D14C1315-B91B-4863-93C9-759749D4144D' Any suggestions as to how to avoid this issue since I have several project lined up for ePub formatting, would be greatly appreciated! thanks, ginger
  9. Hi, I wanted to email my Storyist script to a fellow editor, but it seems to give me every other format option to send - PDF etc, but not as a Storyist document !?? Am I missing something? Many thanks
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