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Found 1 result

  1. I'm glad to have gotten backwards search again in 2.0, but the search box on my iPad mini suffers from some behavioral quirks. First, after doing a search and returning to the search field after making a correction in the text now shows an empty search box while before it remained populated. I prefer it remains populated in case multiple corrections need to be made. Then, the highlighted word is invisible as it sits under the search box and one has to pull down the page to see it. Less annoying is that if you change the settings in, for example "Match Case, it does not immediately "stick" and you have to exit search and return to it, which also differs from previous version behavior. Another point is the insertion point, which is sometimes erratic in behavior in that no matter how much I try inserting a word or wanting to paste one, it highlights either the beginning word of the line I'm on, or the last word of the preceding one, no matter how often I stab at my target spot. I've been unable to attribute this to memory problems as it would return immediately after doing a restart. I'm generally very excited about using Storyist for iPad as my 670 page novel is entirely written (thumbed, rather) in storyist for iPad.
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