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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to Storyist, so please forgive me if this question has already been asked a dozen times before. I'm currently working on a novel within Scrivener. I want to import the same novel into Storyist. In Scrivener I've completed extensive notes located in the Inspector > Document Notes to the right of the main pane for each attached scene. However, when I import said novel into Storyist, I cannot locate the notes from Scrivener. It appears, at first, glance to have stripped them out unless I'm mistaken. Am I missing something? Thanks in anticipation, Stuart
  2. Hello, I'm having a serious problem with importing my scrivener files and it's driving me crazy. I'm getting the feeling that Storyist cannot read .scriv files created on the Windows platform because when I upload them into my cloud and try to open them, they are greyed out and unreadable. I've tried just about everything I can think of and have googled this topic endlessly. I hope I can find a solution here. I understand that the way windows write .scriv files is different from how OSX does it but I am feeling like I spent $14 for an app that I won't be able to use; it's a very frustrating thought. I seriously hope I didn't miss an important detail in the app description... I am running the latest version of Storyist and 1.8 of Scrivener.
  3. I know this topic has been covered, but I have yet to find a clear explanation of how to migrate an existing novel from Scrivener to Storyist. My first attempt let to hundreds of files that couldn't be exported as a single file. Then I merged all my files in Scrivener and exported that way. Storyist now has a single file with the complete novel, but there are no chapter or scene breaks. I found no way to create them, and when I try to add a new file it adds a complete novel template. I'm on the 15 day trial of Storyist, and see it so far as a viable alternative to Scrivener, but migrating existing files appears to be a weak spot. Is there an easy way?
  4. I opened a project created in Scrivener into Storyist and am unable to see the index cards (or card view) that I was used to on the cork board. I use these "cards" to create synopses of the files or folders that they are attached to. Hopefully, they didn't get lost in the translation. What am I missing here? Love the IOS sync but this issue is a bit off-putting. Thanks for your help. Don.
  5. The Storyist 3 for Scrivener Users article states: Opening a Scrivener project is straight-forward: Just select File > Open and choose a Scrivener project. That doesn't work. How do you Open or Import Scrivener Projects into Storyist?
  6. Hi, I am tempting to convert myself over from Scrivener because of their lack of iOS support. My questions pertains to the OSX application. Is there a way to compile and export the draft (or sections of the draft) directly into PDF form? As a screenwriter I need to send off pdfs of treatments, outlines, and scripts from time to time. Converting to PDF seems like a simple feature and I'm having a hard time understanding why Storyist wouldn't be able to compile and export into PDF. Perhaps I'm missing something? I thought I might just export the sections I needed into MS Word and then save the pdf from there (annoying extra step but not a deal breaker) but the compile feature exports the separate sections into separate files (such as Title Page, etc) (annoying and kind of a deal breaker) I've searched the forums and videos but found no answer. Anyone have a suggestion I've missed? Also. Is there a simple way to do page breaks? Hoping to convert. Help is appreciated!
  7. Has anyone used DenVog's Index Card (for iPhone or for iPad)? I've heard that Index Card projects can be imported into Scrivener, and I wondered whether or not the same is true of storyist. I have no knowledge of the file formats involved. Just curious. -- Candace
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