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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, Let’s say you create a plot point and then you decide to create a linked Scene Sheet where you flesh out what will happen in the scene that executes that plot point along with character info, setting, conflict, etc. that are all linked to the Scene Sheet. This all seems to make sense in helping one develop material and organize around actually writing the scene, which would ultimately become a chapter/section in the manuscript. It would seem that the next logical step following this process would be to create one or more sections within the manuscript that support the Scene Sheet and thus deliver upon the plot point. I may be blind or entirely misunderstanding the reasons for each of these Storyist elements, but I must ask: how does one actually link a manuscript section to a Section Sheet? Ideally, if I got this right, a plot point should be linkable to multiple Scene Sheets in order to support a plot theme. And these Section Sheets should be linkable to one or more sections of the manuscript. Would anyone be so kind as to elaborate on how Storyist elements fall into place as part of their writing workflow? Also, if this has been covered before, please point to existing threads in the forum. I looked but couldn’t find anything that got to the heart of this matter. All the Best, Kim
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble figuring how if you can have automatic section sheets created in Storyist 3. I found this on an old post: "You can set Storyist to create section sheets automatically when you add a section. To do that, right-click or Control-click on My Manuscript (or whatever you call your work) and choose "Edit 'My Manuscript' Preferences." Where it says "Sheet handling," make sure the box next to Create sheets automatically has a check mark in it. Then the name of your new section sheet should show up in the list." But if I right-click on My Manuscript in the Project view, I don't see "Edit 'My Manuscript' Preferences" ...am I looking in the wrong place? Or is it done differently in Storyist 3? A screenshot of where to find "my manuscript preferences" would be awesome if anyone has one. Thanks, -daria
  3. Hello! I'm trying to get chapters--and section sheets for them--set up before beginning work on my new novel. I have selected the Manuscript preference to create section sheets automatically, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've attached a screen shot (below) to show what I've done. You'll see that I created 18 manuscript chapters (adding on to the two that are already there by default). But when I did that, no corresponding section groups or sheets were created. Nothing at all was added to Section Sheets. I even slogged through and tried to manually create an outline that would work just like the model that's already in place for chapters 1 and 2--with nicely mirrored subsections in the Manuscript and the Section Sheets sections. But no luck. I can create new folders ("groups") and label them "CHAPTER 3 Notes, CHAPTER 4 Notes," etc., under the Section Sheets area. Then, when I create new sections within those newly created Manuscript chapters, those sections do generate new Section Sheets--but not in the folders for their proper chapters. I was really excited about the auto-formatting possibilities here. The model shown in the default template is exactly what I want--but I need 20 chapters' worth! The instructions in the Storyist Help menu and in this forum seem so clear-cut. It's just that they simply don't seem to be working. Any advice? Thanking you in advance, profusely! -Kim
  4. Hi there I just wanted to know if there is a way to easily navigate from a section sheet to the section that it is linked to and back the other way. I seem to be able to go from the manuscript text to the sheet by pressing Cmd 3 on the section, selecting the sheet from the collage, then pressing Cmd 1 to go to that Sheet's details (but I'm feeling this may not be the most efficient way). Going the other way (from the Section Sheet to the manuscript text) is something I haven't been able to figure out at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Stuart
  5. You might have to be very patient with me, because for such a clever person, I am truly terrible at understanding written directions, especially with terminology. I have a shell of a story I've pasted into Storyist. And as I've been adding hashtags to create sections within the chapters, I've learned that I can use the storyboard style in a split screen to add notes to the manuscript section titles, making it an even more "advanced" outline when I switch to that view. I've also got it set to automatically add section sheets for each section and added a few "notes" to them as well, so that if I look at that in outline view, I can have a similar outline side by side with the manuscript text. If I were starting wholly from scratch, I can see doing all these section sheets first. But actually, I'm very comfortable with setting up unwritten chapters, and labeling empty sections within them (in outline or storyboard view,) to go back to and write out. Adding a few key phrases to each of those in storyboard mode so I can see a detailed manuscript outline is a logical next step, for me. In that case, are the section sheets necessary for me at all? I don't like the text view of them, with plot points, antagonists, etc., as I'd prefer to just create plot points and characters in their separate areas, and reference the chapter number or section to them there. I don't link plot points to the section sheets because I've always used them only in the other views (I adore index cards,) in which plot points are not seen. I've had this software for four years, I think, yet still wish to bend it to my simple-minded will. The point is, it is entirely possible I haven't discovered a much more compelling use for section sheets (other than the fact that it's just fun they're linked to manuscript sections) and need to be guided in that respect. Otherwise, I kind of like just outlining using two different manuscript views. I have edited to add a screenshot.
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