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Found 1 result

  1. I probably made a huge mistake, but I recently updated to Sierra and then updated into the latest Storyist version. All my projects were transformed into Storyist 3 from 2. It doesn't appear that my style sheets converted correctly so I have multiple formatting errors to fix. The main issue involves the Chapter Title style sheet, although it is also appearing in section separator. Under spacing, all the indents are in inches. Then the "before and after" paragraphs switch to points. This is in the side window. If I open "edit style drop down menu" those slots are calibrated in inches. I had everything in inches in the earlier version so I can't figure out where point came from. Also, I can't figure out why I can't edit this information on the style sheet either in edit mode (when the sheet drops from the top of the window), or in the sidebar. When I try and change the spacing from pt to inches, it just reverts back to points. I do have line spacing set on "at least" 24.0 points but my older manuscripts were set like this for publishing as ePubs and it didn't seem to interfere with any other spacing info. My questions are: How did this mixture of inches and points happen and how do I get all the spacing info to match? Either all inches or all points (although I have no idea how to measure points!) And which of these menus has precedence? I thought if I edited in the drop down window, that information would be the template for whatever style I had entered there. Right now, everything on Chapter Title matches except the two spacing windows. They refuse to change! Help would be greatly appreciated! ginger
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