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Found 5 results

  1. I am using the NaNoWriMo trial version for my NaNoNovel this year, and for some reason the Project Total Word Count does not match the total word count I've done so far. Yesterday I hit 17,000 exactly, so I knew that today I wanted to do a sprint and cross the 20k mark, meaning I needed to write 3000 words. The daily word count target showed I had written 3002 words -- but the Project Total Word Count showed only 19939. So I added a few more words, but still the total word count is off. In fact, when I view the Summary, it shows I've actually written 20,111. While I admit I've gone back and deleted a word here or there (usually replacing it and adding a few more), it was certainly not more than a handful, not by a long shot. Certainly not 172 words! I like Storyist and am thinking I may purchase it after NaNo, but that total word count discrepancy has me a bit concerned.
  2. My word count doesn't match. Up top it says I have 19 words today, but I know that I typed the 271 words shown below. Also the target is off again. My daily target is 1,000 words, not 2,000 words. Please see the screenshot. MacOS 10.14.5 and Storyist v. 4.0.
  3. Howdy. I was wondering, is there a way to know how many words per chapter one has? I only see "total words". Is it possible? Cheers
  4. I do like the new word count features in Storyist 3 (though, like some others, I do miss the time goal as an option). The one thing that I can't figure out (If it is available I'd appreciate it if someone would point out how) is how to look back on the days. I have figured out that green days are days I met the goal, but I'm not sure what the yellow or red days are. Both seem to be "missed" goal days, but I can't click on those days and see any information. If I could somehow figure out how many words I had on a particular day, I could certainly use such a feature. Not sure if clicking to pull up full stats (words typed during the day and during which parts of the day, perhaps), would be useful, but at the very least I'd love to be able to hover over the day to have the word count for the day pop up. The other thing I'd love to do is put that word count goal for the day in the status bar. I have the total word count, and project goal bar, but not daily word count goal. Not that I want to stop writing some days, but there are some days where that goal can be a finish line. Finally, I don't see a lot of instructions in any help file about the word count. I can't seem to reset it (so if I alter the word count goal, or start a new one, and end up deleting things, I start at -341 words), and I seem to recall having that ability in Storyist 2 (though possibly not). So... both a feature request and a help request?
  5. I'm still relatively new to Storyist, so hopefully this makes sense. For the title page where the approximate word count is displayed, can't this be automatically calculated? I realize that the total word count for the title page is calculated differently than the general word count that the program measures. With that said, couldn't there still be an automated way to generate that total? I've been using Storyist in it's default setup, without changing any of the styles, font sizes, etc. I suppose anyone changing any of those items would make it more difficult to calculate the approximate word count according to the instructions on the Novel template. Anyway I'm trying to follow best practices so I don't get zinged on any of my manuscript submissions. Any thoughts on this. Thanks, James
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