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Hi chatboard! I signed on for Storyboard after a lot of research, partly because you are already compatible with ipad, but an hour into the tutorial I'm feeling really discouraged. AMong the over fifty set I'm considered something of a wiz on the mac but it will be a while until I find this as comfortable and intuitive as I will need it to be to dare to work on my novel without suddenly getting stuck in some sort of issue I don't need to fix.


I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking for here, but one thing that would be a help is if you could explain how I can watch the video about writing a screenplay so that it is not tiny. Again I am sure this is relatively easy, but it doesn't respond to my usual command to You TUbe videos to fill the screen . The video is still small with a white frame around it.


I wish there was a similar video for writing a novel and perhaps a bunch of others. My questions at this point are really too numerous to list.

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