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Formatting and file import

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Having just tried to import a file for the first time in several iterations of Storyist, I'd like to congratulate Steve, first, on the vastly improved import feature. Storyist seamlessly pulled in all the text of a 50+-page Word document (Word 2004, not even saved as an RTF) and converted it into section text. It even gave me the option to specify which tags I wanted to convert to chapter headings, as well as accurately identifying all my section breaks.


I did notice a couple of things that it would be nice to clear up eventually:


(1) Text set in italic lost its italics during the conversion to Section Text.

Since we can't (yet?) search for text and replace it with formatted text, this meant that even for recurring titles I had to search for and italicize each instance manually. A minor hassle for the 50 pages, but a much bigger problem if I'd tried to import the whole 500-page tome. And it means that, at least in this sample file, single words italicized for emphasis may remain roman forever.


(2) Although the import feature asked me which tags I wanted labeled as chapter titles, it didn't actually do anything with the information. I ended up with 15 sections rather than 3 chapters with 3-5 sections each. Again, not a huge pain for this small file, but unexpected behavior.

When I went through the ms. by clicking each section in turn, selected the ones that should have been chapters, and assigned "Chapter Title" tags to them, though, they converted immediately. Section titles also no longer glom onto the first 6 words of the paragraph and refuse to let go; instead they sit there meekly as Section 1, Section 2, whatever, until renamed. Both these features are vastly improved over the last time I did this.


So what are the feature requests?

That imported text retain, or at least mark, missing italics.

That eventually we'll be able to search for a string of text and replace it with the equivalent text in italic or bold.

That the "Import Text" feature will not only ask for guidance on chapter titles but will "recognize" them and apply the appropriate style.


Still, I was really happy not to have to copy and paste 50+ pages!

Thanks, Steve,



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