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Big Shiny Buttons

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Inspired by a post by Julia Grace (below) I thought I'd start a thread to collect people's opinions of big shiny buttons in the tool bar. As you know, there are already some there, like the Inspector button and the Workspaces button. What more should there be and why? Just asking.


Personally I think there should be a lot more options for the big button tool bar that the user can choose from... like having the trash can, a split the view button (one for a vertical split, one for a horizontal split, to work on the active view), a change the view type button (outline/cards/text to work on the active view), etc. I am definitely one for big shiny buttons. That's really another thread though. Maybe the trash icon is the first step.

Making more work for Steve since 2007.

- Thoth

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Glad to be the inspiration for something. :D


While I'm at it... I think that since all the other collections have buttons that Images, Plot, & Section Sheets should have ones too.


Along that line... since you can make your own collections, wouldn't it be nice to be able to make their own button for that collection? That is probably a huge undertaking though.


Note, that I wouldn't want any of these to be default buttons (except maybe the trash can?), just to be in the "Customize Toolbar" menu.


I'd love to hear suggestions from other people as well!


Making more work for Steve for almost a year.

- Jools

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