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iBooks 1.1 is now live

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That could be fun. Useful too. But what I'd really like is a speech-to-text function.

- T

This also exists. There is a Dragon Naturally Speaking app, I am almost certain. Check the App Store.


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Ahhhh!!! I just about bugged out on my iPad with that voice over thing... it's unfortunately not an iBooks thing, it's an "Accessability" thing, so it speaks everything on the screen and changes how the gestures and selections on the iPad works. Definitely not worth turning on and dealing with to get it to read a book. Plus there's only one voice and if I'm dreaming of features for iBooks I'd like to have the option of a couple voices like you have on the computer... and at least one should have a British or Irish accent. Of course, they could probably make a bundle getting people like Viggo Mortensen or James Earl Jones etc. etc. to make a voice for them and then sell that voice as an in-app purchase. :lol:


As for Dragon Diction (Speaking Naturally is the Mac counterpart), that is only within the app, you have to copy paste, email, or sms the info out. There was a bit of a kerfuffle about the fact that Dragon uploaded the information in your address book to their Servers so you could speak your contact names and people were worried about them uploading phone numbers and email addresses. It now looks like they have cleared that up (they state they only upload names and not any other info) and made it optional so I think I'll give them a shot. It's a free universal app, so I might as well!


- Jools

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