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Storyist 2.2.1 is available for download

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Storyist 2.2.1 is available for download.


Storyist 2.2.1 offers enhanced ePub export, expanded image support, greater compatibility with RTF generated by InDesign CS4 and CS5, and several bug fixes. Specifically:


Enhanced ePub Support

  • The ePub exporter now exports multi-level tables of contents based on the heading styles in the manuscript. Previously, it included only the top-level headings in the TOC.
  • The Apple-proprietary iTunesArtwork file is now included in the ePub manifest as required by Apple for iBookstore submissions.
  • The ePub exporter now provides a user default to disable the generation of the iTunesArtwork file if desired. To omit the iTunesArtwork file from the ePub file, run the following command in a Terminal window: defaults write com.storyist.storyist STSOmitITunesArtworkFromEPub 1
  • Storyist-generated ePub files no longer fail epubcheck 1.0.5 validation if you included a cover image, but do not place it at the start of the publication.

Expanded Image Support

  • Images that are too large for the page are now automatically scaled to fit.
  • You can now resize images in text files by control-clicking or right-clicking on the image and selecting Set Image Size from the context menu.
  • On Snow Leopard, you can resize an image by clicking on the image and dragging the resize handles.
  • File > Import now allows you to import images to the project in addition to text.
  • The new Edit > Insert > Images command inserts an image at the current text location.

Greater RTF Compatibility

  • The RTF importer now recognizes the unicode-encoded stylesheet names generated by InDesign CS4 and later.
  • Special characters encoded in Open Office RTF are now properly interpreted.

Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • When importing text files that don't contain stylesheets, Storyist now applies a default stylesheet that matches the project item type you select. For instance, if you select Film Script, Storyist adds the default screenplay stylesheet. Previously, it would add the default Heading 1/Heading 2/Heading 3 stylesheet.
  • The manuscript toolbar button now switches to text mode if the view is not in text mode already.
  • The Manuscript toolbar button is no longer enabled if the manuscript is in the trash.
  • In 64-bit mode, saving of files containing large amounts of pasted text is now as fast as 32-bit mode.
  • The Open Workflow button no longer fails to open if the export workflow folder doesn't exist.
  • On Snow Leopard, the cursor no longer leaves a trail in certain circumstances when the text is zoomed to a factor other that 100%.
  • On Leopard, scrolling at a zoom factor other than 100% no longer causes portions of lines to be left on screen in certain circumstances.
  • Storyist no longer crashes if a link title is edited in one split view after an item that uses the link in another split is closed and no longer in the navigation history.


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