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Steve E

Show Invisibles.

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There have been times it would have been very useful for me to see basic invisibles (like page-break, paragraph, tab and space symbols). MS Word devotes a button to it (suggesting how important the Softies think it is) but that alone certainly isn't a good reason. And it could be argued that Storyist isn't about the formatting; that should be left to Styles. But how else could we (for example) find and eliminate accidental tabs or double and triple spaces? When you're rounding a paragraph at 200mph and your keyboard has gone to afterburners you don't exactly notice your finger fumbles, especially when they're invisible. (Of course, if there were a way for the Spelling Checker to catch this, that would be good too.) So if anyone else sees a need or use for showing invisibles this would be the place to post.


Isaac mentioned a need to show invisibles in passing, in another forum, and it just clicked with me.

Just giving credit where it's due.


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