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Can't open Final Draft files if ScriptsPro is installed

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Hi Folks,


I just ran into an issue with a Storyist for iPad customer who also owns ScriptsPro. It turns out if you have ScriptsPro installed on your iPad, you can't import Final Draft files into Storyist for iPad.


At the risk of getting too technical:


ScriptsPro declares that it OWNS the FDX file format and that the universal type identifier is "com.scriptsapp.fdx".


Storyist doesn't declare that it owns the FDX file format. (It doesn't. Final Draft does.) Instead it declares that it can read and write the format, and uses Final Draft's approved universal type identifier, which is "com.finaldraft.fdx."


When iOS tries to resolve the conflict, it trusts the app that says that it owns the format, which in this case is ScriptsPro.


Unfortunately, the work-around is to delete ScriptsPro from your iPad. Not ideal, I know. However, if you do that, Storyist can import and export Final Draft files without issue.


I'll contact the ScriptsPro folks and let them know that there is an issue and hopefully they can fix the bug. I'll also see if there is a work-around I can add to the next version of Storyist for iPad to mitigate the problem.


[update: I contacted the ScriptsPro developer and they said they would fix this in the next release].



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