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DropBox/iCloud Synchronization

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I'd like to see some improvements with project synchronization. I feel the present strategy limits the use of Storyist for iPad to text-only applications.


If a project contains images, research documents, etc., then a change to a single word in a manuscript means the entire project is synchronized between the iPad and the cloud. IMO it's a lot of overhead transferring all of this stuff repeatedly for a simple manuscript change, and it makes me think twice before pressing the sync button, because it's a costly operation. I like to sync frequently...


I think a better way to manage synchronization is to represent Storyist projects in the Cloud as a folder structure with a project manifest. This way only the changes gets sync'd, nothing more. Syncing the entire project is an expensive operation, especially for 3G customers with a data cap. The desktop and iPad apps read the manifests and locally build the project on the fly.



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Hi D,


Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you're a developer. :)



I obviously can't comment on iCloud until it is released, but for Dropbox the issue is automaticity. With a single file, all changes are atomic, so you won't lose data due to a partial update (say a device syncs after text file changes are reflected to Dropbox, but before the manifest or the database underlying the index card or sheets implementation.)


For users on 3G, the tradeoff is latency. If the connection is slow, the interface will be slow to respond to taps if you need to pull data from the network--assuming you can get to the network.




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True... but considering that Storyist is a single-user system, this shouldn't be an issue. What I'm suggesting puts Storyist in complete control of the synchronization process. The only scenario where this breaks down is when the user decides to change files in two places simultaneously (that is, from the iPad and the desktop at the same time... which is unlikely)


As you can see, I'm interested in doing ALL of my work in Storyist but not be burdened with the overhead of constantly transferring all of the static research documents that typically don't change once I've done them, keeping them as part of the project for handy reference...


Just a thought... :-)


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