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Loving it. Better than Mac version.

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Loving Storyist for being able to finally write my screenplays on my iPad! Especially love the index cards view in screenplays, and split view between screenplay and outline, or index cards, or comments.


Dare I say, Storyist for the iPad has better UI and is more elegant in usage than the Mac version. It is totally transparent in the way everything works. You become so used to the Mac way of things, that seeing and using something different on the iPad, and noticing it works much more fluid, it is shocking. The iPad UI keeps you much more focussed. Sometimes on the Mac, there's just too much going on. Buttons everywhere, split views here and there, dragging the views to the right size. On the iPad, there is a pop up, and you get Outline list, or Index Cards list. Use it, click outside and it's gone, out of your way. That's elegant. It keeps the UI clear. I would not mind having a more iPad like UI on the Mac version.


I can see that much time and effort has been put in the UI. And working on my screenplays formatted on the iPad is a pleasure. Thanks!

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