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Using Storyist for iPad with a PC

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A Storyist project contains text, images, scene sheets, index card text and collage data. The file format [1] is shared by Storyist for Mac and Storyist for iPad, so integration between mobile and laptop is pretty seamless. However, if you've got a PC (or don't have Storyist for Mac), how do you best work with Storyist for iPad? There are a couple of ways.


1) Use Storyist for iPad as a mobile RTF editor. Word can read and write RTF files and Storyist for iPad can edit RTF files directly. In fact, when you add a text file to Storyist's top-level My Projects screen, you're actually adding an RTF file.


One way to use Storyist, then, is to simply turn on one-tap sync, put a bunch of RTF files in your Dropbox/Storyist [2] folder, and sync your files to your iPad.


The benefit of doing this is that moving your RTF files between your PC and your iPad is one-tap easy, so you can write on the go and then bounce back to your PC without the usual hassle.


However, RTF doesn't support index cards or story sheets, so you won't be able to use the more advanced features of Storyist with this method.


2) Use the advanced features and then import/export RTF to your PC. Storyist for iPad can import and export text files from Storyist projects as RTF or plain text, so another way to work with Storyist for iPad would be to create Storyist projects in the My Projects screen and import/export individual files as necessary.


This let you use index cards and story sheets on the iPad and you can still edit your manuscript on your computer.


3) Do both. Keep your manuscripts in the top-level as RTF files for quick syncing with your PC and use Storyist projects for planning and outlining on your iPad. The downside here is that your index cards aren't synced to your manuscript.




[1] The file format is based on open standards, so if you want to dig around in the file contents, feel free--and let me know if you have questions!


[2] When you turn on one-tap syncing, Storyist for iPad creates a folder titled "Storyist" in your Dropbox folder. This is the folder Storyist keeps in sync. If you don't see it, turn on one-tap sync and tap the sync button.

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