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How to export Characters from iPad

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I am very new to Storyist. I have downloaded it on my iPad and started writing away. I have started developing character profiles. Since then I have downloaded the Storyist app for my Mac. So Far I have been able to export the script to dropbox and can open on my Mac, but how can I do the same with the characters that I have created on the iPad, as it appears you can only export one file at a time... and not offered the ability to copy the characters to Dropbox. Please advise.

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Hi, Cpywrtr,

Welcome to the forums.


From your description, I suspect you are not at the right level when you try to export. If you are in the opening screen, where one of your options is New Project, and you tap Edit, then your script, then Export, you should see three options: copy to iTunes, copy to Dropbox, e-mail document. Choose any one of the three. Your only option should be Storyist document. Tap that, and Storyist will copy your full Storyist file, including character sheets, from the iPad to your chosen destination. You can then copy/download that file to your Mac and open it in Storyist for Mac.


You can also export the character sheets as RTF, by another method, but that is much more work and, if you have Storyist for Mac, quite unnecessary.



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