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Storyist 2.3.5 is available for download

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Hi Folks,


Storyist 2.3.5 is available for download. It adds support for exporting outlines, and addresses several minor issues. Specifically:


  • Outlines can now be exported as RTF and OPML. To export an outline, choose File > Export and then choose "Outline" from the Export popup.
  • The Plot, Character, Setting, and Notebook toolbar icons no longer split the editing view if it isn't already split.
  • JPEG images are no longer converted to PNG format when exporting to an ePub document.
  • Pages are now centered properly when running on Lion. Previously, the first time you navigated to a project item, it would be displayed left-aligned rather than centered in certain circumstances.
  • Default character, plot, and setting images are now presented at the correct resolution in collages on Lion. Previously, they were presented in low-res in certain circumstances.



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