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Jason Henke

Index Cards (Section Cards), can they preopulate when created in text writing mode

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A quick question which I may know the answer to, but want to check on:


  • If I am in full text writing mode and I use the # and make it a "section head" style (love this ability by-the-way as it doesn't break my flow for writing at all)...can the Index Card created for the section be pre-populated in any way?


Reason for the question: I find it very distracting to pop out to the Index Card view and see my Chapter names as created in writing dipslayed, but for each section in the chapter to simply say: Section Head and be blank cards.


I'd love for it to take a section title (by entering #Title say or even #Title#) and then take the first number of characters--or even the first sentence (defined by ".")--to fill the section's summary in. When I saw the "Show Body Text" option, I thought it would show my story text, but it just shows the space on the card for a summary area. I had no way of telling which section I was clicking on when using the Index Card view. I want to have an idea what it is. I will most often create these on the fly as I write and not pre-create them via the outline mode before I write.


I know this is a feature request if it can't be done already, but there may be a way to do it that I'm missing. So, I ask first.




P.S. I bought this on a whim during and it's fast becoming my main way of writing and replacing my little powerhouse laptop. The iPad just fires up to quick, lasts longer, and can off load the files when done via Dropbox...the Storyist software allows me to work in my writing style and create the cards on the fly--and that is huge. It may even take over for other suites I like a lot. Now, if only I had a Mac (or you came out with a PC version). :)

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