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Folders or "Stacks" of Index Cards?

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Hi All,


I read through the Storyist User's Guide and this wasn't super-apparent to me, so I apologize in advance is this is a "N00B" question.


Is it possible to create nested "stacks" or "groups" of index cards in either the screenwriting or manuscript view?


Here's a rough image of what I would hope to enable:




Ultimately, it would be wonderful to view index cards as sets, because I like to write in the traditional "Act" format, and it would be quite helpful to see headers telling me when one stops and the other begins.


Thank you for reading!

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Hi, Mosscow, and welcome to the forums (as a Russianist, I especially like your user ID),

Check this template, which Jules put together and posted in the Sharing section.


It should do what you want, or at least show you how to tweak your current screenplay to get the results you want.


If the process isn't clear, I posted instructions in another forum. You can find them here.



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