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Storyist 2.4 is available for download

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Storyist 2.4 is available for download. It adds support for Fountain, a plain text markup syntax for writing, editing and sharing screenplays.


It also includes compatibility enhancements and bug fixes. Specifically:

  • The RTF importer has been updated to improve compatibility with RTF files generated by Nisus.
  • On Lion, top-level project collections are automatically expanded if there is no saved workspace (a situation that arrises when you create a project from a template).
  • Section separators are now added automatically if sections are dragged in the Project view. Previously, sections without separators were merged with the section at the drag destination. An undo and then redo of the drag operation could cause Storyist to crash.
  • Comments created in Storyist for iPad that span a range of text no longer result in the text span being hidden when the project is opened in Storyist for Mac.
  • Ampersands added to the Notes of a story sheet in Storyist for iPad no longer make a project unreadable on Mac after a specific series of editing steps.
  • Storyist for Mac no longer crashes when opening projects edited in Storyist for iPad in cases where the edits cause the Mac workspace space to be invalid.
  • Scene headers no longer appear in the TOC of an ePub edition.
  • The ePub TOC entry for image-only pages now defaults to the name of the image in the Project view.
  • The default screenplay styles have been updated to allow more room for dialog.

Note: Fountain support is available on Leopard or later.

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