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Happy birthday, Steak Pirate!

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Wow! Hard to believe that you were just a teenager when you first posted. Now you can legally buy your own steaks instead of pirating them.


How time flies. Like Lady M, I can remember 22 (sort of). Those memories are all mushed together in a file called Collage Days. It's hard to put a time stamp on any of them. Maybe Steve can create a cognitive version of Storyist so we can write our biographies as we go.


Wishing you a fun birthday with plenty of steaks.



Drop by and say hi after you finish your virtual meat cake. :lol:

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Happy Birthday!


I too remember 22. It was less than half my life ago, although certainly long enough enough ago! I was out of college at the time, out of Berkeley and not quite enrolled (or even thinking of enrolling yet) in Long Beach State graduate school. I remember those being heady days, trying to get a job and get a band together to grab the imminent and prophesied rock stardom just over the horizon. Nothing worked out quite the way it did in my fantasies, but in addition to being much fun, those days did pave the way for my current career, in which I'm very happy. Point being: don't feel you need to have anything figured out yet, but remember that the lessons and experience gained today may come in very handy in the next decade!



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