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Tip: Using the Open In Command in Other Apps

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If you're using an app that supports the Open In command (Mail, GoodReader, Dropbox, Sugar Sync), you can use it to open Storyist, RTF, Plain Text, and FDX files in Storyist for iPad.


To do this:

  1. Open the other app and navigate to the Storyist, RTF, Plain Text, or FDX file you want to open.
  2. Locate and tap the button containing the Open In command (usually the Action button as in the attached screenshot).
  3. Select Storyist from the "Open In" list.



Note: The "Open In" list is managed by iPad, and is built by querying installed apps for the file types they support. If you're trying to open an FDX file and don't see Storyist in the list, you're likely running into an issue where another app specifies the wrong FDX type to iOS (ScriptsPro is one app that specifies the wrong value). If so, you can correct this by uninstalling the other app, restarting your iPad, using the Open In command on an FDX file (you should then see Storyist in the list) and then reinstalling the other app.



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