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Sir Percy Takes the Stage, At Last!

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For those who have followed my long and winding road to publication: Five Directions Press has just published The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel, by C. P. Lesley (my pen name), the revision of which brought me to Storyist lo these many years past. As of today, you can find it at CreateSpace (print) and Amazon.com (Kindle e-book). Eventually Amazon.com will link the print and e-book editions, but that takes a few days. It should be on the UK, French, German, and Italian Amazon sites, too.


Five Directions Press will also be bringing out The Golden Lynx this summer.


French revolutionary/virtual-reality chick lit: a whole new genre! :) And if anyone wonders why I use the screen name Marguerite, this book will explain it....

Hope you enjoy!



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Lady M / Marguerite / C.P.Lesley

(Heck, all three of you.)



I just now bought the dead tree version on Amazon (to be delivered Friday) and I'm looking forward to developing a taste for French revolutionary/virtual-reality chick lit. :wub:


My best to Sir Percy.


The fireworks looks like a bouquet, don't you think?


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A quick update: Sir Percy now has two five-star reviews at Amazon.com. The e-book is available from Apple as well as Barnes and Noble and the Kindle Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/not-exactly-scarlet-pimpernel/id536752606.


And some of you may get a kick out of my new blog: http://blog.cplesley.com. It has only four posts so far, but I am planning to update it once a week or so. Waiting for the next light bulb to go off.


Buy copies! Read! Review (especially if you liked it ;)). And big thanks to those of you who already did one or more of those things! :wub:

Time to work on Lynx 2,


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