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Storyist 2.4.1 is available for download

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Storyist 2.4.1 is available for download.


It adds support for Mountain Lion and includes general enhancements and bug fixes. Specifically:

  • When running on Lion or later, Storyist now participates in the system-wide full screen behavior. That is, full screen windows animate to their own space. Additionally, the Full Screen shortcut has changed from Command+Option+F to Command+Control+F, which is the shortcut that Apple recommends.
  • Footers containing only whitespace no longer cause pages to be displayed incorrectly in page mode.
  • The "Exactly" line space setting is now properly saved and restored. Previously, if you set the line spacing of a paragraph to "Exactly," it would revert to "At Least" when the project was opened.
  • Changing the font family using the Inspector now preserves the font's bold, italic, and outline settings.
  • The Command+Return shortcut for adding items to a project no longer stops working in certain circumstances.
  • The Delete and Rename commands in the Project view are now properly enabled if you right-click (or Control+click) an item in the Project view when no items are selected.


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