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Possible Bug with the Inspector panel

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Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.


When I have Storyist open with the inspector panel visible, and then launch Safari (set to full screen mode), when I quit Safari and the system returns me to Storyist, the inspector is no longer visible. If I do a three finger swipe to the utilities panel it appears for a few seconds, when I swipe back to Storyist it's gone.


Here's my setup ...


Storyist 2.4.1

Mac OS 10.7.4



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Hi James,


Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this with the same setup (MacBook Pro).


Are you sure that Storyist is active when you return from full screen Safari? Inspector panels are not visible if the application is not the active application.



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Hi Steve,


Yes Storyist is active. Another odd thing is under the View menu 'Hide Inspector' is displayed. Since I use mostly the key commands, I have to do that twice to get the Inspector panel to come back.


Thanks, James

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