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Storyist 2.4.2 is available for download

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Storyist 2.4.2 is available for download.


It includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Specifically:

  • The Duplicate command is now available in the Project view menus.
  • Saves are now faster in certain circumstances. Previously, if you used the session goal timer and left it running between editing session, saves could take longer than expected.
  • The Command+Control+D shortcut now looks up the correct word (that is, the one under the mouse). Previously, moving the cursor over a word and pressing Command+Control+D would cause a word other than the one under the mouse to be chosen.
  • A line spacing of "Multiple" is again handled correctly, fixing a bug introduced in 2.4.1.
  • Storyist no longer crashes after emptying the project trash in cases where the trash contains an item that was recently displayed in outline mode.


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