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Click & Drag (Mis)Behavior

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Normally, the Mac (or at least Pages and Safari) handles text in such a way that if I double click a word, it becomes highlighted, and if I triple click, the whole paragraph is highlighted.


Outside of storyist, if you wait any amount of time after the second click, the counter will start over—which means that I can double click to select a word, and then immediately drag it elsewhere to rearrange the sentence.


For some reason though, the click timing is handled differently in storyist (there is a longer window for registering a third click), and as a result I'm unable to effectively preform a double-click and drag (because the third click is registered as a third click despite a delay beforehand, and not a drag).


I was wondering what was up with that/whether it was intentional/if there's anyway I can adjust the behavior.

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Hi SP,


There shouldn't be any difference between the way double- and triple- clicks are handled in Storyist vs. the way they're handled in Text Edit (not sure about Pages).


The double-click timing is handled by the OS. You can adjust it in the Mouse pane of the System Preferences. I'm able to double-click a word and then drag it. My preference is set to two ticks left of "Fast."




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Hmm. I guess I'm going crazy then, I could've sworn Pages handled clicks differently, but it doesn't seem to.

It looks like you can't adjust the trackpad click speed for laptops; guess I'll have to be a more patient clicker.


Thanks anyway!

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