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Changing the storyboard background

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I second this (very old) request. I think corkboard's textures are very distracting, especially Storyist's which seems a bit fuzzy. Compare it with this one, for exemple:




Now some people might like to make it entirely configurable, with choices of textures like this one:




but I think it is overkill. A simple neutral grey would be indeed very nice to have, but not everybody would agree on exactly which grey, so some kind of control over it would be usefull.


What do you think?

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I'm pretty much in the opposite camp as far as the opinion on the cork texture goes. I love it and don't want to lose it.


I do want both the storyboard background and the collage view background to be customizable though. I hate the collage view being just gray. I'd rather have the cork or some other texture.

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Hi Fred,


Waking up this dead thread again. Would still like to see it a more subtle background on the corkboard, but only if it's not a tremendous pain in the bum.


With the theme support in version 2.3 and later, you can use any background pattern or color you want. To change the background:


1) Open the Appearance tab of the Preferences panel.


2) Select Colors


3) Click the Storyboard Background option.


4) Choose your desired color or background pattern. There are several default patterns to choose from, and you can import your own if you want.



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