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Storyist for iPad is now Storyist for iOS, which means ... it supports iPhone! And it's a free upgrade!


Thank you to everyone who wrote to lobby for iPhone support!


In addition, Storyist for iOS 2.0 (available today) includes some great new features for iPad.


  • The new Project view in the navigation sidebar lets you quickly switch between project files.
  • Outlines, index cards, and comments are now searchable.
Text Editing
  • The new draft mode option removes margins and pagination so you can focus on the text.
  • Bold, italic, and underlining shortcut key combinations now work on wireless keyboards.
  • The Courier Prime screenplay font is included with the app.
  • Text autoscrolls when you drag the selection handle outside the visible text area.
  • Storyist now creates daily backups for you automatically.
  • You can now save and restore multiple versions (drafts) of your projects.
  • You can restore accidentally deleted projects.





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