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.rtf files and section separators

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I'm moving an .rtf document from Storyist (from an iPad, via export to dropbox) to my PC to edit with winword and back to Storyist (via import from dropbox). When I move the file back (with import from Dropbox) the Section separator marks still exist, but all the section separator outine and index card information is lost.


I have created the styles in winword for Chapter Title, Section Text, and the Section Separator. Chapter titles transfer just fine; (if I add a new chapter on the PC and mark the style as Chapter Title the outline/index card for that chapter will show up.)


Is there anything I can do to add new section separators in winword that show up as index cards? Or at least not lose index cards already in my documents?



Thanks for your help!


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Hi, Lysias, and welcome to the forums—

Are you asking about notes that you made on your sections when you displayed them as index cards? Those would vanish on import, together with the names of your sections (they all come in as Untitled Section, right?). That's because you have deleted the old manuscript and created a new one by re-importing the file.


On a Mac, you can set up Section Sheets, display those as index cards, and keep notes separate from the manuscript. On an iPad, we don't have that option yet. I would suggest setting up a subfolder inside the Notes folder on the iPad and creating one note for each section. The notes don't display as index cards (yet, on the iPad), but they should stick around. They are also RTF files, so in a pinch you can export them, too, via Dropbox and read them in WinWord.


It may be a bit of a pain to set up if you already have a lot of chapters. But the notes are independent of the manuscript, so you only have to do it once.



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Hi Lysias,


Unfortunately, the RTF file format doesn't support index cards, so index card information can't be exported to an RTF file. There are a couple of options detailed in this thread.



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