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Section Sheets Not Being Created Automatically, Despite Preferences

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Hello! I'm trying to get chapters--and section sheets for them--set up before beginning work on my new novel. I have selected the Manuscript preference to create section sheets automatically, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've attached a screen shot (below) to show what I've done. You'll see that I created 18 manuscript chapters (adding on to the two that are already there by default). But when I did that, no corresponding section groups or sheets were created. Nothing at all was added to Section Sheets.

I even slogged through and tried to manually create an outline that would work just like the model that's already in place for chapters 1 and 2--with nicely mirrored subsections in the Manuscript and the Section Sheets sections. But no luck. I can create new folders ("groups") and label them "CHAPTER 3 Notes, CHAPTER 4 Notes," etc., under the Section Sheets area. Then, when I create new sections within those newly created Manuscript chapters, those sections do generate new Section Sheets--but not in the folders for their proper chapters.

I was really excited about the auto-formatting possibilities here. The model shown in the default template is exactly what I want--but I need 20 chapters' worth! The instructions in the Storyist Help menu and in this forum seem so clear-cut. It's just that they simply don't seem to be working.

Any advice? Thanking you in advance, profusely!






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Hi, Kim:

That's because the chapters in the manuscript are the equivalent of folders. The preference only governs the section sheets (the equivalent of sections in the manuscript). Each time you add a section to the manuscript, a section sheet with the same name is added to the Section Sheets collection.


They are not being stored in the folders because unless you tell Storyist otherwise, the sheets are added to the "default location," which in this case is the top level of the Section Sheets collection.


You could change that in the Manuscript Preferences window, but you would have to change it again each time you started a new chapter. Myself, I prefer just to set up the folders and let Storyist add the sheets at the top level. Then, as I reach the end of each chapter, I drag the sheets into the appropriate folder and go on.



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