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In another thread, Venturez says "Would appreciate a walk through on how to reformat a document using styles from another document."
There are a couple of approaches.
If other document has a small number of styles, you can simply duplicate the document, paste plain text into it and manually apply the style. If the "other document" is the Novel template, this would mean: Select All and apply the Section Text style, then apply the Chapter Title style to your chapter titles.
If your other document has a large number of styles, you can note the style values in the other document and then use the style editor to edit the style in your working document to match the values in the other document.
The Style menu (Tools > Edit > Style) contains the style tools:
  • Edit Styles. This command lets you edit the styles already in the style sheet. Most of your text is probably using a single body text style, so editing this style to match the body text style in your other document should get you most of the way there.
  • Create Style from Selection. If there is some text in your document already that has a format close to the one in your other document, position the cursor in that text and use this command to create the style. Then edit it to the desired values.
  • Redefine Style from Selection. This lets you update a style definition from the current selection. You can make the change in one place, and all of the text using the style is updated. It is useful when you want to change the look of your document.
  • Replace Styles. This lets you replace the style used by text. For example, you could create a style named "Section Text 2," get it set up exactly the way you want it, then use it to update the appearance of all of the text having the "Section Text" style.


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