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So, I quickly wanted to import a mess of files into Storyist, so I could order them correctly, output them to epub, and give them a readthrough.


The 'import' function allows me to import one file at a time, which, with >40 files, all with very similar names, is not very helpful. (I only need the latest version of each of them. If I have to open-and-remember-which-one-I-just-imported, I get in a mess.)


Dragging the files onto the text area gave me a list of filepaths. Hurray.


Dragging the files onto the sidebar gave me an import option... and it puts every file into its own file. If I'd wanted to cut and past to that degree, I could have stayed in Word.


So can we please have an import function that allows the selection of multiple Word files and which presents the import as a single, continuous document? Extra points if you can turn the document name into a header style, so that it will turn into an navigable document instead of a single lump of text.


Pretty please?


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