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Resurrecting a feature request from 2008 (!) here:




Since we have an iOS flavor of Storyist now, and since it is conceivable (via Dropbox integration) that Storyist file contents could be illicitly accessed by third parties, I'd like to see a setting that lets users activate encryption on their files.


There are stacks and heaps of good encryption algorithms out there; a nice strong one might be Blowfish, and I believe that OSX/XCode have Blowfish algorithms built in.


The way I envision it working is this. On a project level, the user can choose to encrypt the whole project, and is prompted for a password/key when this is first invoked. Thereafter, any time the project is opened in Storyist on Mac or iOS, the user is again prompted for the password.


To disable the encryption, the user would open the project and choose to disable encryption. The user should be prompted to enter the password one last time before encryption is disabled, to prevent a third party disabling it on a previously-open file that the legitimate user forgot to close (does that make sense?).

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